EASY Organizing

Sorting through your stuff alone can be emotional, tedious and frustrating.
The livelifeEASY team bring support, skills, expertise and
a little bit of magic to see your project through to completion.
We can organize any part of your home including basements, closets, kitchens, bedrooms, entryways and so much more. We can simply streamline a problem area or change that spare bedroom into your new home office.


Let's Talk!

Unclear on where to start

or how to make decisions?


Wondering what to keep,

how to set it up,

where and when should it go?

If you have questions, 

I have answers, suggestions

and solutions.

Get ready for RESULTS!

1.5 hour onsite consultation

full of ideas, tips and tricks

$125.00 +hst

$50 each additional hour

Clear My Clutter

One Day Special

Are multiple spaces

out of control,

perhaps the entire house? 

Your days of overstuffed garages, overwhelming basements and overcrowded living spaces​​


when you BOOK

with Betsi and her team!

6 hour session, 1 hour break

additional associate included 

       $550.00 +hst        

deposit required 

30 Hours in 

30 Days

Imagine getting those nagging projects around the house DONE...FINALLY!!!

You will be surprised

at the transformations that can happen in only one day.

My livelifeEASY signature system

works for every the family.

It really can be an EASY life

for everyone.

Min.4 hour sessions

additional associate included 

       $3000.00 +hst        

deposit required 

EASY Moving


Moving is the ideal time to downsize, purge and properly plan for a peaceful future.

We make every move EASY PEASY.

Check out how we can help you every step of the way.


Let's Talk!

Thinking of listing?

New place and need help settling in?

We are your answer.

Together we find solutions for

every challenge,

tackle all of the to dos,

create a game plan,

list your priorities and 

discuss the flow of everything

 from your stuff to your timelines.

After this consult you will feel confident and calm about the entire moving process.

1.5 hour onsite consultation

full of ideas, tips and tricks

$125.00 +hst

$50 each additional hour

Make My Move EASY

One Day Special


Let us help you declutter,

pack and stage.

Moving out?

We can help decide what

should stay or what may go,

drop it off at charity, consignment

 or the dump, and of course


Moving in?

Our favourite jobs are to unpack

and organize your home.

Creating flawless function and flow

or simple storage solutions to make your life EASY.

6 hour session, 1 hour break

additional associate included 

       $550.00 +hst        

deposit required 

30 Hours in 

30 Days

We can be your all-in-one source  for your relocation needs.

From finding you the next home,

full or part pack/unpack

and/or set up,

overseeing subcontractors,

hiring movers, stagers, designers,

we can do any or all of it for you! 

We want to help in

every way we can. 

If you need it,

we find a way to do it!

It is that EASY.

Min.4 hour sessions

additional associate included 

       $3000.00 +hst        

deposit required 


Every item will be packed and unpacked,

linens will be cleaned, beds made,

pictures hung on the wall and

groceries in the fridge upon your return.

We also co-ordinate and oversee out-side trades

such as movers, painters, handymen, plumbers etc.

It’s EASY, we work, you escape.

Do you dream of packing your bags, going away

and having every aspect of your move done for you?

Dreams do come true.




Why do people hire a professional organizer?

Our lives become overwhelming and we need help getting back on track. A professional organizer gets your home, move and/or life in shape much like a fitness trainer gets your body in shape. No pain, no gain? Sometimes that’s true.

When do people call an organizer?

Many clients call when they are ready for change. Downsizing, moving, going through a divorce, facing a career change, suffering from empty-nest syndrome,  death or a new baby on the way can be some catalysts for a call. Mainly when life is overwhelming, too much to handle alone or simply ready to livelifeEASY the phone rings. Whatever the reason for the call, I am here to help. Change can often be easier than we think. I even make it fun.

How long does it take?

My process with each client is designed to fit their needs. Together we work at a pace and schedule that is set by the client. Everything depends on what they want to accomplish and how quickly they are ready to accept change. I do encourage and sometimes push but no more than I know the client is prepared to handle.


How did you get involved in professional organizing?

It found me. The short story is that after travelling extensively and then working abroad for a year I returned home to Canada. I found the material things from my childhood no longer reflected who I had become. I grew up while I was away and I needed to reinvent myself, my life and particularly my space.

Once my space was cleared of my old stuff, I began helping friends and family clear out their spaces. Before long I was getting calls from strangers asking how much I charged. Hence a business was born.


How do I know which organizer to pick?

First choice is word of mouth. Find an organizer and give them a call. Prepare some questions to ask. You will know within five minutes if you will work well together. I pass clients on to another organizer when I feel they are better suited to each other. My goal is for you to succeed: with me or with someone else.

I say we a lot, who is 'we'?

I have an amazing crew of people who help me out in various ways. I am only capable of doing what I do through the love and support of others. I live by the mantra "The bigger my village, the better my day"! truly I do nothing alone.

More questions?

Something particular you would like help, assistance or ideas with?


Text is Best @ 519-701-3034
or email me @ betsi@betsi.ca


email betsi@betsi.ca

call/text 519.701.3034