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Interior Design

Transform your space and life
by getting organized.

About Us

Betsi and the LiveLifeEASY team go far beyond simply organizing stuff, we organize your home, moves, family and life all while making it EASY!

Two decades ago Betsi couldn’t help herself from rearranging, prioritizing and purging the homes and offices of friends and family for fun.  Word of mouth started and continues to be the best part of business growth. Creating a team of dynamic, inspiring women whose passion and natural talent is to organize, simplify and help others is also a foundational asset!

Working with everyone from elite athletes and business professionals, to stay-at-home moms and retirees both locally and internationally. We arrive with big smiles, open hearts, a TON of solutions, enthusiasm and the expectation to exceed your goals. Embracing every new opportunity, adventure and challenge with ease is how our mantra became LiveLifeEASY and that is exactly what we do. 

Give us a text, call or email and let's make your life EASY!

Our Services

EASY Organizing

Organizing services for any room. You pick it, we organize it!

Starting from $ 625

Moving In
EASY Moving

We make every move

Check out how we can help you. 

Starting from  $625

EASY Escape

Ever dream of taking a vacation while someone packs, sets up and organizes your home? We do that!

Starting from $1250

Over Two Decades of Experience!

Over 20 years of experience and knowledge
makes us the reputable and EASY choice for all of your organizing needs.
We are trusted industry experts that have created lifelong transformations
that are EASY to maintain.
Word of mouth is what keeps us going.
Read on below to see what our clients have to say about us!


Home Organization 

We are a senior couple who have been giving thought to a time when we might have to leave our home of many gears and relocate. Betsi's services on this project have been invaluable. With commitment, honour and hard work, she has made a difficult, complex task doable. She motivates, encourages, advises and provides just the results you had hoped for. We recommend Betsi and her company with great enthusiasm. 

Bea and Gavin 

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Are you ready to transform your life?

Let’s connect so you can livelifeEASY.

Text is best 519.701.3034

I do not check my emails daily so it may take a few days for a response.
If you are not in a rush for a reply, fill out the form.

That was EASY!

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