Balance Amid Chaos

Time and again I have seen what I believe to be a misconception among women about how to achieve a balanced life. The thinking is that by completing all of the items on our to-do lists that somehow we will feel at peace, our minds will become clear, and that suddenly we will be filled with energy and enthusiasm for life. We wait for a time, at some point in the future, when everything we have to do is done, and only then can we relax and enjoy ourselves. The problem is that we never get there and we rarely feel that sought-after sense of balance. There is always someone or something that needs our time and attention, and there are always new items that need to be added to our list.

How do we get back into balance? We create it amid the chaos. We understand that even though we have a never-ending list of very important things to do, we must take the time we need to care for ourselves. Our bodies, minds, and spirits cannot give all day every day and not receive anything in return — and then expect to be balanced and healthy. Balance is not something that will suddenly happen to our lives at some later date. We must create it ourselves, and we can start now.

So today, take the time amid the chaos to step away from what needs to be done, and do something that you really want to do. Do anything that will make you feel good. Forget about your to-do list for just a few moments, be kind to yourself, and enjoy a more balanced life.

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