Organizing is E.A.S.Y. with Boundaries

As a free spirit I like breaking boundaries. The idea of being limited impulsively increases my urge for more. I start to crave items, ideas and events as soon as I know they are out of or off bounds for me. My rebel side returns with a vengeance and I can decide to dance on the dark side with the devil. From past experience, in a variety of platforms I can assure you, the devil is dangerous. Even the devil you do know.

Clear division lines in my life created by clear categories and clear communication offer me a clear conscious and clean up the clutter and chaos that could be catastrophic. I have recognized in life that boundaries, personally and physically are for my greater good.

I can become compulsive and obsessive with material items such as books, scarves, clothing and shoes therefore boundaries are essential for both my brain and my bank account.

Limiting myself either spatially or by quantity keeps my home simple and my lifestyle full of freedom.

If I could be a hermit I would live in a library. I would sit curled up in a chair with books for weeks. I would also miss the outside world and interaction with others. I could spend my money on scarves and shoes but it would take me hours to decide what to wear and once dressed I would have no money to go anywhere fun and show off my style.

I do sit at a continued maximum capacity for these items. Limited to one bookshelf, 150 hangers and two shoe shelves. If I want something new something old needs to be passed on.

The benefit of setting and sticking to boundaries? It makes decisions E.A.S.Y.

Do you have the space? Are you willing to let go to let in?

Boundaries = a balanced and blissful life.

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