5 Ways To Spring Clean your Spirit

The annual Spring Clean.

Shaking out carpets, wiping windows and finding those dust bunnies.

While traditional spring cleaning is a great way to break free from winter hibernation, spring cleaning your spirit can have even more beneficial results.

Spring cleaning your spirit?

Yes, it is possible, probable and, in fact, a necessity for an E.A.S.Y. life.

This awareness became concrete to me over the long weekend. Prior to this ... “awakening” I was engulfed in a variety of adventures. I felt as though I was on a scavenger hunt in my head. I was facing challenges that I knew had solutions. They were just on the peripheral vision in my mind, seemingly intangible to pin point. I was working on projects that required record-breaking results (my ego at work) and meetings that made my memory power manic. I was tired, frustrated and frantic. I wanted nothing more than to finish these activities and be able to have a clean, peaceful break over the holiday.

After hours of restlessness and a growing mood of misery, I surrendered. I unplugged my laptop, packed my bags, got in the car and drove to the beach. Essentially I knew needed a break. I believed I was running away. Realistically, in hindsight, I was starting to Spring Cleaning my Spirit.

Be it a long winter, a long project or a long day, our spirit, our internal flow of energy needs a clean sweep as well. Cobwebs can form when our lives are stagnant. As personal and material possessions may suffocate us when surrounded by too many: too many projects, ideas, people and commitments can also stifle our serenity.

Beneficial and lasting spring cleaning goes beyond simply having a cleaner home.Tidying up our lives will lead to greater peace of mind and a greater peace of mind will result in an E.A.S.Y. LIFE!

Here are 5 simple, quick and E.A.S.Y. ways to put a spring back into your step, refresh your spirit and soothe your soul.

How we treat ourselves is how others will treat us. Making yourself a top priority SHOWS the world your value, your worth and your shining spirit. You are the representative of your life. Being a one-woman/man machine is an emotional and physical test of over endurance leaving little to offer others or yourself.

Stand up for you first. At the beginning of each morning set one goal, one task, one self focused commitment to accomplish for yourself.

If all you feel you can get away with is going to the washroom with the door closed. It is a few moments of privacy, self-care and self-centred awareness.

Represent yourself. Stand up for self love first. The more love we have, the more we have to give. Be a trendsetting example of self-care. Be first.

There is a kaleidoscope of noise that encompasses our lives. People’s chatter, horns honking, sirens going off, babies crying and in the moments that are quiet we turn up the radio, turn on the television or plug into a book on tape. The hyper-connectivity of modern life makes it possible to drive ourselves further than our bodies and minds have oomph for.

What our spirit needs is some silence. Be still, be calm, breathe. Be aware of your surroundings, listen to the sound of your own body, pay attention to your own thoughts.

Silence can be serene. Enjoy tuning in to the sounds around you, hear the birds sing, listen to the children laugh. Natural sounds can soothe you, regulate your body and allow you to connect with your environment, yourself and be more attentive to those around you.

Mother Nature is a phenomenal grounding tool.Transporting you to a place of peace.

Go outside, feel the breeze on your face, get into nature, walk the beach, hike in the forest.

We have so many distractions indoors that we don’t take advantage of the healthy and fulfilling activities outdoors. The benefits of a nature walk or hike are much more adventageous than reaching of the next level on Candy Crush.

A dear friend once encouraged me to “walk slow and talk slow”.

At the moment of hearing this obscure revelation I looked her straight in her eyes and said: “Lady you obviously aren’t listening to my life. I have two speeds: full throttle and sleeping. I have a lot to do, like many people. There is no time for slow.

Out of sheer rebellion to prove what an asinine and insurmountable concept this was. I tried it. Walk slow, talk slow has become one of my mantras. Slowing down allows me to live a steadier life. Eliminating the roller coaster ride of highs and lows.

Amazed by the results I quickly and frequently check in with myself. I pay attention to the speed of my voice or the pace of my steps. If I am out of sync I take a deep breath and slow down. I accomplish more, smile more and have a far more positive attitude on a regular basis because of this one simple mantra and check in.

It appears to be a task we are actively seeking in one way or another every day. An endless journey to the destination of our goal. The finish line of achievement somewhere off in the distance.

Instead of focusing on how far you may still need to go, pause and reflect on how far you have come. Every day we accomplish both big and small tasks. Every day is overflowing with success. Be aware of your accomplishments, it will increase your self-confidence, self-esteem and increase your ambition to be more.

Take time to enjoy an internal spring clean. Contribute to your peace of mind and make small changes .The results will make a big difference. Try it and see for yourself!

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