31 Day Power Purge - Day Thirty-One

30 days of purging is complete. If you kept up your home should feel clutter-free and calm.

The goal now is maintenance. Keep an ongoing box for donations. Try to add one item daily to this box.

If you have nothing to donate is there something for the garbage? Think of all you bring into the house, is it equal to, more than or less than what goes out? Until you reach a peaceful level of serenity and space in your home keep a ‘one item in, two items out’ rule.

When shopping be aware of what you are buying. Do you need it, where will you store it, and the clincher, what will go out so the new items can come in?

Before birthdays, Christmas and gift giving holidays give the kids a box to fill of toys they no longer use. It is a routine that will you will be grateful for.

Embrace clutter, it is a sign, it is talking to you. It makes you be aware of when enough is enough. When we lack setting boundaries for ourselves our stuff speaks! Our stuff, will in fact say more than our mouths ever will.

Those piles of paper not filed, signed or returned? Perhaps your filing system isn’t set up for your work style, perhaps you have too many commitments on the go or perhaps you need to ask for help and you are doing other people’s work.

The mountain of laundry that makes you want to melt into the ground and never resurface, the cabinets you close quicker than you open because the clutter is so chaotic you don’t know where to start, all clear signs that stuff is suffocating you.

You know when life is not E.A.S.Y., when you are overwhelmed stop, apply the Live Life E.A.S.Y. system and get back on track.

What you love today, may not work for your lifestyle tomorrow. Letting go of what doesn’t work creates space to allow in what will. Our lives, priorities and interests change all the time. Small steps to keep up decreases the event of an overhaul when overwhelmed in the future.

You have a choices, stuff or space, time or tension, clutter or calm. Take control back and clear the clutter.

Need help, Call! We love to untangle the mess.

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