31 Day Power Purge - Day Thirty

New electronics, new cables, new set of instructions. What do you do with the old cords and extra cables? Do you keep them and wait until maybe you might need it again?

Technology intimidates me and I often jump right into fear mode of not knowing what to do, so I do nothing and keep it all. There is always the day I might need it right?? NO ! Purge it. Recycle it. Just get rid of it! If your electronics are plugged in and working, you don’t need to keep the extras. Free yourself from the fear! Put them in the box, load them in the car and get them out of the house.

There are recycle programs available everywhere! Here is a listing from the City of London.

If you suffer from the chaotic mess of cords and cables that are plugged into the wall and serve a purpose, then time to tend to the tangled mess which is unsightly to see and prevents work from getting done.

Keeping your cords organized will aide in unintentionally yanking the power on the wrong device sending your electronic world into a tailspin. If you have ever unplugged the wrong wire at the wrong time you know what I am talking about. Take control of those wires, cables, and cords, organize them, label them and streamline the system so they are easier to view, understand and easier to access. There are a vast array of products you can purchase but easily and accessible items you may already have at home also do the trick.

Utilize non-visible surfaces, such as the back or edge of a desk, little Lego monsters will love this.

Velcro on the underside of a table the underside of a table, keeps items handy and wire hazards out of the way.

Wires and cables don't have a right-side up, so twist, turn and tuck them where you want them to stay. Out of sight!

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