31 Day Power Purge - Day Twenty-Nine

There is a lot of living that goes on in the living room. Another hub of the home where family can gather, get caught up, put feet up and unwind. The other items that gather are games, cords, media equipment and a great big mess! Having hot stuff accessible and all your gadgets organized makes more time for fun and relaxation. For most families organizing is not their forte, keep it as simple as possible, with as few steps as needed and you may be on the fast track for a space that will suit everyone’s needs.Let’s reclaim that space and get things organized!

Find the piece of furniture that will be designated for gaming equipment. An armoire, closet, drawers, or a bench are perfect to hide games and equipment. Seams up so they are easy to read. Baskets to categorize each entity and fingers crossed they may make it to their proper place again.

A bookshelf or piece of properly purchased furniture specifically designed for gaming can also do the trick, a bit unsightly but if the living room is a media space as well than work with what best fits you space and needs. The goal is to keep items together and have a place to be put away. Sometimes function is far more important than fashion.

Reduce the space by eliminating the bulk. Binders are a great way to keep games available for everyone to see. A three ring pencil case can also hold cords or smaller games in the book as well.

You can recycle the games that your little ones have grown out, to friends, family, charity or going to a Gamer store to trade, sell or cash in.

Gaming can be fun, make a game of the clean up as well. Game on.

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