31 Day Power Purge - Day Twenty-Eight

Rescue the dresser from being a drop zone. It is easy to empty our hands and pockets, take off our jewelry and cram as much as we can into and on top of this cabinet.

Disorganized, dressers make it difficult to find what you are looking for. It is easy to hide and multiply the mess as items get pushed to the back when they should be purged and/or put in the bin.

Start with the sort. Empty the your drawers and use the bed as a processing area by making piles. keep like with like and divide by function and type - pajamas, socks, unmentionables.

Set up. Review what you have and how to designate your drawers. I have my dresser set up the same way I get dressed. First items I put on are in the top drawer, second items such as socks are in the next and I finish with pajamas and workout/causal wear in the bottom. In most cases the dresser drawers are shallow or slimmer up top and the larger base drawers can accommodate heavier, bulkier items.

If you want to shop you can. Drawer dividers restore order and maintain boundaries to keep styles and colours separate. Measure drawer interiors for individual compartments instead of searching whole drawer you only have one wee space easier to sift through. A simple shoe box always seem to fit the bill for me.

Copy the flat storage of retailers to keep bras in good shape.

Don’t forget to style the top in a simple design. A tray for perfume, pictures or candles is beautiful to look at and makes moving items to dust much easier.

These are quick steps to organize your dresser drawers. Now go do it!

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