31 Day Power Purge - Day Twenty-Seven

The shared closet! This space may divide you in more than one way. You really want to just give them a drawer but you know that’s not fair. You reconsider and say they get 30 percent of the closet space. Hate to say it, but a marriage is 50/50, closet space included, can you do it? I have seen many a closet space where the husband is the hoarder. For this Purge you may have to decide which party needs to purge a wee bit more.

You have tackled purges this month, that slowly edged up to this point. You are getting great at making decisions, letting go and are hopefully feeling the results. The hard part can be cutting the cord on your own stuff. I always believe that a closet for many women is where we hang our hopes and dreams. Sadly we may also see our dusty gym clothes, the dress that is too tight, the that broke the bank or the shoes that rock your world but leave you rocking and wobbling when you wear them. You then leave the closet cranky and irritable, off to a terrible start to the day and wonder why? Time to clean the clutter and clean up the closet!

Focus on the good, what fits, what you feel fantastic in and if you were looking at it in a store now would you buy it? If you hesitate it is holding you hostage, break free and bag it for someone else


A trick to try, turn all of the hangers around. When you wear an item turn it back. This way you can clearly see what you have been wearing and what has not been touched. If you haven’t touched it, toss it! If you need to trim your wardrobe to make space in the closet for your partner this would be a good start.

We all dream about department store size closets. You can hire a company such as Tailored Living or install your own Rubbermaid system to help maximize space.

Create your own double hang, with dowels and chains or purchase one from the Container Store and guess what, it instantly gives you twice the space!

Regardless of the space and budget you are on, ideas, solutions and systems are available to aide in creating a spacious and simple space.

Separate your clothes by season, then categorize clothes by purpose: work, casual, formal wear etc.. I go so far as to colour code as well. Black and white grouped together then by colours of the rainbow. It just looks and feels relaxing when you open the door. This closet is beautiful by design but it is calm because of the colour coding.

Total splurge, but one that will make you happier everyday of the week - BUY ALL THE SAME HANGERS! It is easier for the eye to see what you have. Gather all of your unused wire hangers (remember Joan Crawford!) and take them to the dry cleaners to recycle. Plastic hangers and mismatched sets are always welcomed at charities. Look and FEEL the difference.

Felt hangers are the product to purchase if you want more space. They come in every colour imaginable. Quick note, guys do not seem to be fans of the felt. I think the like the slip and slide of plastic. Felt hangers also do not have heavy holding power but if you want some extra space in your closet these are the items to buy.

Store your most-used items at eye level, less-used items below, and least-used items up high. The 3Bs - baskets, bins and boxes keep items together yet out of sight. Hooks help hang everything that needs a home. i love the vice grip!

Keeping organizing cheap and creative. Use what you have. Hang scarves, baseball hats and tank tops from shower hooks.

S hooks are perfect for belts, jeans and purses

Use a tension bar or crown molding to display the diva in you. Recycle old shoe boxes that clutter the floor. You don't need to keep every pair of shoes in your closet all year long, either!

Store clothes that you want to save, but have no space in your everyday closet in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag. These bags compress the clothing, making it much easier to fit under the bed or in a closet.

Strip down, save only the clothes that you know will be worn and share the space! Go ahead, get started.

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