31 Day Power Purge - Day Twenty-Five

Do you have junk jewelry, costume jewelry or a collection of gorgeous gems? Jewelry is all you need to transform an outfit, update a style and make you feel like the exotic emerald you are enchanted with. Jewelry does not only look beautiful on, it looks beautiful waiting to be put on.

Prioritize the purge. Place items that no longer please you into a donation box. Kids charities will love to play dress up with your costume jewelry or use them as craft supplies.

My lady Lex, at Jewellery Werx is the go to girl who will buy your silver and gold. Before you sell, see if you can transition it to a new piece. I had my grandmothers gold ring dipped in platinum so that it would be an item I would wear. A bit of her, a bit of me, a perfect blend.

If you only have one earing, purge it. Keep remaining earings together by securing there safety.

I am a believer of being yourself and bringing new things back to life. before we get into the fun, these are bank friendly, store bought options.

Now, onto the fun and finding ways that express your style.

Give yourself the royal treatment with rollout drawers.

Don't hide it away, put it on display! Frame it, contain it. Small pieces up top, long necklaces below.

Create a special spot for yourself. A space such as this will also offer a moment of serenity.

Your jewelry is unique to you, display it in unique ways that express you.

Embrace the classic designs, decorate and dress form and cover her in gems, or hold an assortment on a candy tray. Although brooches may be looked at as being old school they send glorious shivers down my spine with their sparkling beauty. These storage solutions warm my heart, make me smile and exemplify the beauty.

Speaking of candy, do you have a box of chocolates? If so, convert it to hold your cherished possessions or cradle them in tea cups for a bit more of a classy look.

An egg carton keeps an assortment of jewellery contained in their own cubby, clear to see and E.A.S.Y. to carry when traveling.

Do you take your rings off? Here is a beautiful design, I love this idea!

For every budget, for every style, from a jungle of jewels to just about any and every way imaginable to display them. These masterpiece storage solutions bring out the beauty everywhere you look. Go for it and have fun!

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