31 Day Power Purge - Day Twenty- Four

Creating a clean linen closet can be a chore. It has kid stuff, adult stuff and surplus storage stuff. So much stuff can clutter the space and make your home feel stuffed. Much like after a turkey dinner that overwhelming feeling of overindulgence can make you feel heavy. Our stuff also weights us down. Time to lighten up, let go and have room to Live Life E.A.S.Y.

Figure out what you really need, things you love and use so that finding and putting away is a breeze. You may need to refer back to the non-negotiable list. The less you have the simpler life is with storage, maintenance, and with decision making. Simply said, simplicity is sanity.

For a simple and streamlined closet start by emptying it. Yes, the ENTIRE closet. Group and sort, separating by room or topic is your best bet. Keep things consistent.

Once you are down to the bare basics is there anything that can be stored elsewhere to give this space more breathing room? Could linens for the bed be kept in each bedroom?

Folding linens correctly creates heaps of storage, my fanatical approach can be found here on Womans Day. The Coles Notes version...

Big controversy over do you them place them in the pillow case or have a pile of pillow cases?

I love keeping like with like, the extra step of stuffing them into the pillow case, although beautiful, is one step to many for me. Before I do the last step of folding I lay my flat sheet and pillow cases ontop of my fitted and then I fold all of it in together like a nice neat package.

Place sheets in small stacks rather than piling them up and offering them the opportunity to topple.

Fix the shelves! Raise or lower the height if you can. Need more shelves, get more shelves! Your local hardware store will cut for your specific dimensions.

If shelves are fixed to the wall keep everyday items at eye level and make the most of your space by adding baskets to design your own dream closet. Shelf dividers also help in keeping categories clean.

Label your shelves to reflect the groups your have created. Communication is key! If you have a family or partner, make sure they know the new setup!

Maximize the space and keep items orderly and organized. Use the floor space and the back of the door.

Look in the closet to check out your current setup. Does it need work?This is one more area that once it’s done you have the feeling of serenity.

Putting the focus back on you tomorrow and straightening out the jungle of jewels. What a beautiful way to start the week by working with beautiful gems.

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