31 Day Power Purge - Day Twenty-Two

Are you having a good hair day? Whether your hair hub is in the bathroom, dressing room or on the way out the door these hip hacks will help you have a great hair day.

Reduce the rotten products that you picked up for the "perfect do" and place what you do have at point of use. Hair can be an investment but simple solutions will save time, money and energy every morning cutting the obstacles and opening the door to organization.

DIY options are lead the way today.

Hanging accessories is such an unsightly scene, save steps, keep items at point of use and hide the hang behind a cabinet door.

Worth the investment ? I think so. Items are on the inside, an added mirror on the outside, imagine the ease of everyday use with this product available from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Once you have purged the products, place them within easy reach. Spice racks, Lazy Susans and the clear over the door hang make retrieval and return, right at your finger tips.

There is a bit of magic in magnetic stripping. So E.A.S.Y. and effortless.

A princess likes options! A ribbon for barrettes, a climbing clip for elastics, consealed carrying case or pink baskets will all do the trick but covering an oatmeal container with storage inside. Brilliant!

Hair products can be a hassle, with the helpful hints I hope they find a faithful home.

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