31 Day Power Purge - Day Twenty-Three

Makeup is magic! Bigger eyes, brighter smiles. Are you ever shocked when you take it off at night, look in the mirror and are surprised at what you look like witout any on? Even worse do you look in the mirror in the morning and wonder how you will ever leave the house? The magic of make-up and all of its miracles. Covering the dark circles, evening out the skin tone turning us from blah to beautiful. I hate to admit it, I wish I could embrace the beauty of who I am without it but the reality is, I need it! What I don't need is the bottomless pit of products to search through to find the perfect shade. I am a bit of a minimalist with make-up, I would like to be more "made up" I simply lack the skill to do so. I would like to have more colours, more flash but I feel like a clown with a full face. Clear out the clown wear, send the expired dates to the curb and clean up the makeup with these clutter-free creations.

Cube it! Ice cube trays for eye shadows, eyelashes and blushes. Small containers only need a small space, the goal is to keep everything E.A.S.Y. to see.

Too many items for the ice cube tray? On office organizer keeps counters cle and clutter contained.

Morning messes can be eliminated with the clever concept of a magnetic board.

Basic brush holders can also add a splash of scent to the bathroom. Coffee beans or a few drops of essential oils on the stones will bring a light aroma and add to the atmosphere.

Did you read the blog with the bit about toothbrushes? Perhaps a bright idea is to keep these brushes covered as well.

The more organized you are, the more free time you have.

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