31 Day Power Purge - Day Twenty-One

There is so much to do in this small space. Tally up all the toiletries and let's purge this place! My bathroom can become a mangled mess without proper management. Cut clutter and get inspired with these storage solutions that combined design and function.

Hang what you can. As you can see almost anything can be hung. When there is a will there is a way, even a klutzy carpenter like myself could manage. Hanging items designated for design, function, individually or in mass quantities frees up counter and cabinet shelf space. Utilize the space you are in, use every square inch if you need.

I can be a bit of a frugal shopper. Actually I am not, I struggle to buy a bath sponge but I will drop big bucks on a pair of shoes. My big money purchases break down to a dollar a day, wear and tear. If it is a dollar a day (or less) of an investment for me, I’m sold. This may seem like a big purchase on Amazon at $120.00 for a bit of storage space in a bathroom. Would I use it more than 120 times. Yes! Sold!

Open bins are a plus for me when hiding items behind a door. I admire the look of drawers but those extra steps of pulling the drawer out, adding my item and then closing the drawer may mean I leave it on the counter. I have seen enough houses to know I am not alone in my laziness. Keep it as simple as possible for each family member. If the drop and flop is the way your family functions open bins are fantastic finds. I will spend the time reorganizing this system every few months instead of putting other people’s items away every day.

Divide and conquer. Divide and be delighted that you can see everything!

Many beautiful ‘on display’ ideas are available for your toothbrushes, I did not even add these as options. If you are a family that does not puts the seat down, you need to tuck your toothbrushes away! When you flush the toilet, without first closing the lid, germy droplets (approx. 3 MILLION per square inch) of bacteria from the toilet are released into the air, spewing it 20 feet from the center of the flush. Would that land on your toothbrush and everything else in the bathroom? I think so! New toothbrush, new toilet training. I am living by a better safe than sorry story line and adjusting to a new system is simple. These are terrific toothbrush alternatives, that keeps them tucked away.

Now that we have banished those brushes to a safe abode we still have lots of products to place. Hair products, makeup and jewelry are on all the list and are coming up in the next few days.

Small space, lots of stuff. Power + Purge = progress.

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