31 Day Power Purge - Day Twenty

Our wee tots love playing with them in the tub. It's like a tranquilizer as we shampoo, suds and shower them clean. How can area for cleaning be clutter with such chaos? Drying off squealing, squirming kids is enough to send me to the silly farm. The last this I want to tackle are tub toys.

Keeping kids toys clean is essential. It prevents mildew, mold and bacteria from growing. Some smart moms are way ahead of me and have super solutions to stress-free clean up.

A shower rod and rings, creates play stations, storage and leaves enough room to splash around.

Not sure if the adjustable shower rod will hold? In our tub it would become part of the performance of playtime. Secure baskets to a towel rod. Drill extra holes in the basket so that the water drains out the bottom. Stagnant water is not sanitary and gets pretty smelly, a few extra holes eliminates this mucky mess.

A dish drainer, yes it does the trick! With suction cups or command hooks kids items can drip dry. Laundry wash bags lying around? That works too! No laundry bag, an empty orange sack will suffice.

They say you are going to want to kiss this frog! It Scoops, stores and drains. What a score!

Simple storage to make bath time a breeze. Go forth and have a tidy tub!

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