31 Day Power Purge - Day Nineteen

Towels are a fashion accessory as well as a necessity. You may choose from an array of colours or fabrics, from bright bamboo to the classic and ever popular, white-cotton for a spa like feel.

Towels don’t simply absorb, the fiber loops brush water off the body. The number of loops per square inch the better the performance.

Splurge or save? Quality towels can be an investment. A standard set will stay cozy, look fresher and last longer with proper care. A lovely luxury item worth investing in.

Advice on caring for your towels.

The secret to fresh smelling towels with fantastic fluff?

Once a month use the hottest water cycle on your washing machine, wash your towels with a cup of vinegar, when cycle is complete, run another hot water cycle, this time adding a 1/2 cup of baking soda. Then shake and dry as normal.

I am a tad OCD with towels and folding. It is not unlikely that I will refold all of your towels and put them away “properly” if I ever come for a visit.

Simple way to save space, roll them up. This is perfect way to travel with towels.

Seeking more storage options? Try adding a shelf over the door, use an open space by the tub or bring in a ladder. All perfect ways to keep supplies at point of use.

Do the kids leave their a trail of towels? Find the culprit.

Start your day with a big fluffy towel after a shower and live in the lap of luxury.

Follow these tips and your towels should last a least a decade as well as make you smile when you see them all perfectly folded and stored on the shelf.

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