31 Day Power Purge - Day Eighteen

Medicine for aches and pains, for colds and sniffles, prescribed or over the counter, chances are your cabinets are filled with expired medications or drugs you no longer need.

Expired drugs can have many dangerous side effects, please dispose of these items correctly by following these important links and information.

In Ontario we have programs set up to aid in discarding of such items.

The Ontario Medications Return Program (OMRP) and the Ontario Sharps Collection Program (OSCP) have been set up at pharmacies to protect the environment and safe-guard against these items falling into the wrong hands.

Call your pharmacist to see if they are part of these fantastic programs. If not, you can email info@healthsteward.ca to find a drop off location closest to you. To learn more about this free service, please visit www.healthsteward.ca

Once you have dwindled down medications, including children, pets to what is only imperative to your health. Divide into baskets related to each category. I always like to keep topics large such as kids, adults and pets, feel free to separate and segregate as to the needs of your family.

Clearly mark your first aid baskets. This saves time in an emergency and helps guide some else to quickly locate needed puffer, Epi or other emergency medication.

When storing your medication, keep in mind that heat, light and moisture can cause active ingredients in your medicine to decompose. Although child-proof caps have been invented, they are not perfect. Please protect everyone and store products high up and out of reach to keep away from curious claws. A secured lock box or a fishing tackle box with built in dividers is a great option for an added level of organization and protection.

Take a snapshot of medications. This is helpful if you have forgotten medications when out of town or travelling. Once of my clients maintains a current list on her phone for her and her husband. It has dose, code number and Dr. contact information.

Medications and prescriptions always make me nervous. I am so happy to know your homes will be safer once the excess is removed and safely disposed of.

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