31 Day Power Purge - Day Sixteen

Adorable art available! Are crayons and craft supplies hot commodities in your home? Are your walls and fridges covered with creativity? A surplus of supplies are everywhere and a dangerous amount of delightful designs are filling every wall, bin and basket.

Time to tend to the talent.

Two (of the many) things children crave is order and self-expression. I have found some clever solutions to bring order and classy ways to exhibit self-expression.

Encouraging kids to craft plays double duty, it enhances their imagination and distracts them from the screen. Keeping items out offers this open-ended opportunity. Once you ditch the cruddy materials, here are some smart ways to store the supplies and let everyone show off their success.

There is no reason to break the bank, Upcycle, recycle, reuse and repurpose what you have around the house. Different containers can be dedicated for different items. Wet-wipes containers either in the portable, standard or stand-up size are perfect for all sorts of craft supplies.

Bravo to those who are bold enough to use glass jars, to me they scream breakage. Shakers are simple for glitter. Think plastic spice containers or parmesan cheese shaker. Decorate to your own design. Add a lint brush for clean up, the kids will have a blast and your counter will be back to new before you know it!

Painted coffee containers, French’s Fried Onions, Ketchup bottles or peanut butter jars are all possibilities to store paint, beads, pens, pencils, sand, sprinkles, play dough, you name it, this will store it.

A Lazy Susan spins around and makes supplies E.A.S.Y. for everyone to share. Glue a magnet to the Lazy Susan and metal pots won’t fly off when spinning around.

Plastic cups are perfect in cupcake containers to keep items standing straight. When they get dirty, bend or break, recycle.

Tins, Tins, Tins! Vintage tins! Very chic.

And yes, what would a day be without sharing the all important, very versatile, hanging option!

We like to be artsy and crafty everywhere. A mobile art cart on wheels, the carry option such as a cleaning caddy or the too cool tool box to tote around. A variety of options makes it E.A.S.Y. for us to be in motion and move to where inspiration strikes us.

Stuck on how to style all of your skill to put it on show?

Create a gallery wall, magnetic wall, use cork boards or a clip board. These alternatives make it E.A.S.Y. to contain and to cycle. Let the kids decide what delightful designs they put on display.

These dynamicFRAMES hold upto 50 pieces of artwork. Talk about cycling.

What to do with all of the excess?

I already wrote that blog. You can see what we did with our wee Josh’s first year of school masterpieces.

One great idea that I didn’t know about at the time of writing that blog was BLINKBUGGY, also available as an APP. With this you can take a picture and then store, organize, save and share all of your kids creations in one spot.

BLINKBUGGY doesn’t stop there, they also have categories in which you may insert quotes that your children may have said or notes to remember certain mile stones. When you are ready BLINKBUGGY also allows you to transfer pictures, quotes and notes to create a book, print pictures and craft cards. Hello do it yourself Christmascards next year!

BLINKBUGGY is a wonderful way to mark, keep and collect all of the memories your little kiddo's have made. Also an ideal gift for them on their birthday, their graduation, for grandparents and definitely for Aunts, hint, hint!

Can you believe I actually cut some items out? I hope this is enough for you to contain your crafts, continue with your creativity and keep the recycling of it all under control.

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