31 Day Power Purge - Day Seventeen

Books are beautiful. The smell, the feel, the knowledge. Leave me in a bookstore and I am one happy lady. Boundaries for books is a philosophy I live by. A self inflicted form of limiting my accumulation. Floor to ceiling, wall to wall I could live in a book shelter, be isolated and never leave my humble abode. Insightfully, I am conscious of the world I would be missing out on so with some dismay I strictly abide by my boundaries.

What are boundaries? Guidelines, rules or limits that a person creates to identify for themselves what is reasonable, safe and permissible. I am now at my book limit. If I want a new book it means I have to get rid of one I already own. I can’t tell you how much money I have saved having boundaries and living by my now” one in, one out” rule.

Get your supplies ready, boxes to donate, belongs elsewhere (in the home or to return another) if you are working through books in your kids room you may also need the garbage bin. Ripped pages, added coloured designs, sorry, the life span of these books is over. A dust rag is also a good idea to have on hand. Once your supplies are ready, you are ready to start.

To pack books in a box. Lay the box upright and build from the bottom. So E.A.S.Y.!

If you want, set a timer for 15 minutes, putting the pressure on helps you make decisions and prioritize quick. You don’t want to waste all day doing this.

As you pull off all the books from the book shelf either place them in a bin or start piles on the floor and divvy up by category. I use BIG categories. Kids, hobby, classic, business, biography. If you choose, you can further divide by author or detailed subject matters. Looking on one shelf is good enough for me.

Ask yourself? Will I read it again? If not let it go.

Can I get this information off the internet, or borrow a book on the topic from the library? If so, let it go!

Perhaps you could reduce the physical quantity by using a Kindle. I have a globetrotting friend that swears by Kindle. She doesn’t even own a single book. I take pleasure in folding pages to come back to, highlighting sections I want to re-read and writing notes to myself inside my books. I am not a Kindle kid.

Once you have pared down and sorted your supply. Keep books at point of use. I have a business bookshelf, a “self” bookshelf which includes my favourite reads, hobbies, interests and classic novels. I have my murder mystery and romance novels beside my bed. Once read they are placed in my ongoing donation box, in a storage closet by my front door. That’s it. During day 7 of this Power Purge, cookbook day, I emptied my entire cookbook collection.

Time to display. I love out of the box thinking, although visually appealing, some of these trends are way out of my league.

I am a fan of colour coding, my clothing, my files, all colour coded. Books? It feels like colourful chaos to me! My heart starts racing and my breathing picks up, How would you ever find what you are looking for? Covering books or turning them backwards also causes me increased heart palpitations. To each it’s own and this is all about designing your home for you. So if you like these designs, do it!

Adding treasured pieces or laying books down breaks up the humdrum design of straight lines.

Books to me are beautiful treasures. Put them right out there on display!

There are countless charities that accept books.

In London you can donate to the library, small donations can be dropped off anytime for larger donations, please contact the Friends of the Library at 519-661-2448 or friends@lpl.london.on.ca.

CPRI works for me every time. 24/7 drop off works with my schedule.

Merrymount and Life Spin are also drop off ideas.

Don’t forget used books stores. Many will take donations and some offer money back or a credit for future shopping.

How did you do? Let me know! Are you keeping up with the 31 Day Power Purge? Are there topics you are struggling with or ones you are eager to read in the future? Message me on facebook or email me.

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