31 Day Power Purge - Day Thirteen

Kids love to cuddle them, grandparents love to buy them and we have to figure out what to do with them all!

Purging and organizing stuffed animals is an opportunity to have fun with the kids. It teaches them more about sharing and giving to others. It offers them the opportunity to let go and helps them decide and prioritize what they need verses want. All wonderful traits to instill in young children.

If you notice that the basket that sits in the corner now is overflowing, calculate which ones are not age appropriate anymore, never played with or ready for retirement. Once you have separated some, invite the kids in to save the favourite ones, have the bins ready for Keep & Toss.

Here are some fun ways to change up the stuffed storage in your kid’s room. Bins and baskets work but they are so boring!

A little hide away, either behind the door or in the closet is perfect for the little critters you are keeping.

Handy man in your life ? How about a Stuffed Animal Zoo? Please make sure you secure it to a wall.

Crafty? Kids can cart their loved ones around in these bags. To the car, babysitters or Nana and Papa’s. Doubles as a pillow.

Bring the outside in with garden baskets. Spray paint to the colour of your choice.

Ready to let go but want to keep the memory?

Take a picture of your child with their favourite teddy and frame it to hang in their room.

Create a scrapbook of all their stuffed friends or compose a video of your child talking about each precious pals.

Even more creative? Follow what this Australian artist, Geoffrey Ricardo did. Apply a light coat of paint to the front of your kid’s teddy and press it against craft paper.

Did you miss the Annual Teddy Bear toss at Budweiser Gardens? If so you can still donate your plush toys to the Salvation Army.

Or how about donating to ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation of Ontario), many of the orphaned puppies and kittens need a soft toy to help them feel secure.

Chairities that accept donations of stuffed animals has been declining. Please contact the charity of your choice before you drop off.

Send pictures of your progress and having fun with the kids! It's your chance to win some time with me! I can help you with the kids room or any room in the house! Now that will be fun!

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