31 Day Power Purge - Day Eleven

I know, it doesn’t seem realistic to turn your china and silverware into art work? Why would it? A family honoured heirloom, passed down pieces or items off the wedding registry that you will have and hold forever. Special pieces that you will use, on all "the best occasions". HA! When was the last time that you used it? Did you store it properly? Is it something that you just don’t know what to do with anymore and might want to grab some extra cash for or repurpose for everyday use? Here you will find answers and options to all of these questions.

I continually have clients that are eager to part with sterling silverware. The maintenance of such sets is labour intensive, the chemicals are not ideal to ingest and each time you polish a little of the silver slips off. It can be heartbreaking parting with past memories, family heirlooms or items of such sheer beauty.

What guides me in decisions when it comes to such items is reminding myself what was really being passed down, the love. A special piece of their heart, not the piece itself. It would crush my grandmother if she knew I had tarnished silverware collecting dust when I could be making great use out of these items. She would have loved the idea of making something new out of something old.

I have also taken such loving gifts are regifted myself something that I did need, could use or wanted. Such as a great adventurous vacation, a new car or paying off debt. Something that would bring the love and joy alive in my life.

Unsure if your pieces are sterling silver? The website Antique Cupboard offers some valuable insight. Quick tip. You want to look for any of these identifying marks signifying it is sterling silver.

If you are ready to make some fast cash, my friend Lex at Jewellery Werx will take great care of you. Selling items on line or to an antique dealer is an option. I have tirelessly researched these avenues. You get the same, if not more money from Lex.

The silver stays! Silver is soft, it is prone to being scratched or dented, so handle it with care. This includes storing items in flannel bags and chests to inhibit tarnishing and to prevent it from being knocked around while in storage.

If you have silver, my guess is you also have china. The two seem to go hand in hand. Similar to silver china is very delicate. Talent, skill and time have been invested in creating these gorgeous works of art. Invest in the care by purchasing China protectors which securely store fine chine, flatware andglassware for safe-keeping when not in use.

While you can make some money by melting silver, china sadly seems to be a no profit zone. Heartwrenching! Good news is one of my favourite parts of working with others is finding what they love but have hidden away because they don’t know what to do with it. There is an entire board called Teacup Crafts on Pinterest.

Off course we can't stop repurposing here. Why not mix it up and repurpose together. This provides daily use, enjoyment or an opportunity to share these treasures with others when you combined the two.

What did you decide to do with your silver and china? Are you storing it, cashing in on it or crafting with it?

I love before and after pictures, you worked hard to get organized, here's your chance to show off! Share your success or comment on how you have been doing with others on facebook.

Happy Purguing!

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