31 Day Power Post - Day Twelve

Today’s purge is going to lighten the load, literally. Shopping for kids can be addictive. The frilly frocks, cute patterns and wee sizes can quickly empty the wallet. Items passed down from family and friends can be overwhelming. Sizes to grow into, holding on in case another one comes. Kids can have larger closets than their parents. Sportswear, gym wear, play clothes, dress up, school clothes. Cool it with the clothes! How many loads of laundry to you have time for?

Most homes I enter that have children have more clothing in bins than put away, namely because there in no more room to put them away! This must feel stressful. Let’s make it E.A.S.Y.

It is imperative to remember the 80/20 rule.

80% of clothing is rarely wore, 20% of clothing is worn 80% of the time.

Decide what your kids need and how many of each item they need. I searched the internet and read a variety of blogs regarding the number of items of clothing a child needs. Hold your breath.

The overall consensus was...

I didn’t go for the average number I went with the highest number I found on a combination of 5 different blogs that listed the quantity of items. These may not be your numbers but I do recommend having numbers before you purge the clothing. Why? It will prevent you from getting sucked into the “too cute, I should keep this, he/she can still wear it”. The goal is to simplify your life. Simplifying the kids clothing will also benefit them. What happens when kids have too many clothes? They may have a difficult time deciding what to wear, change clothes multiple times a day, pull out lots of clothes trying to choose. They may also pull clothes out because their drawers or closet are too crowded for them to effectively look at the options and choose their outfit. You then end up with more dirty laundry because of the above things. You may also put off doing laundry because your kids have plenty of clothes to wear. Then you have a mountain that you don’t want to tackle!

Purging through the items can also help you make some cash and help those holiday bills disappear. We have already discussed on line sites such as, Facebook pages, Kijiji and ebay.

Consignment shops like London's largest consignment store, Kids Cents or Mom to Mom sales such as Whoa Moma! are ideal as they are specific to this target market.

Once you have the clothes that you know you are going to keep it might be helpful to setup the closet properly. Some like to do it by colour, size, season, whichever type of OCD you are go with that.

Get ready for the whole week with a hanging shelf. So E.A.S.Y.! Think of the time you will save every morning.

One trend, is folding clothing and placing it upright instead of flat. You can always see what you have. Great in theory but my pessimistic side says it will all still be pulled out when you reach for one item and that they will topple over when the drawer isn’t full. If you have tried this method, let me know.

If your little ones are just learning to help out and get dressed by themselves, add pictures to simplify this system or purchase drawer knobs such as these from Olive Kids.

Create a lower hang that little ones can reach. Installing an adjustable closet, will offer flexibility. It can grow with your kids as you can adjust heights and designs. This one is from Rubbermaid.

By organizing the space now, you can save time and enjoy more cuddles. This week is all about the wee ones; stay tuned for the next post!

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