31 Day Power Purge - Day Ten

The Junk Drawer (Cue music.. danh danh duhhhhh).

We all have one, we all hate them, we all sweep our arm to remove the counter clutter and it ends up in here. We place a note that we should remember, we are running late so we toss in the nail polish in, we can’t lose the dog baggies so here is a safe spot. You get the idea?

The title alone should tell you how valuable these items are! JUNK!

I have a simple system. It’s so E.A.S.Y.

Grab a trash bag, a recycling bin and two boxes.

The trash bag is for garbage.

Recycling bin is...you got it! For recyclable items.

One box is “PUT AWAY” …

And the other box is “GIVE A WAY”.

Now start sorting!

BE RUTHLESS! BE RUTHLESS! BE RUTHLESS! Say it with me, say it out loud, Say it over and over and over again. If you pause, purge.

Only keep what you use, not what you think someday you might-by-some-tiny-chance-use…

Gather like items into groups on an open surface. This will allow you to get a good idea of the size and quantity of containers you will need.

Once the drawer is empty, give it a good clean! Inside, outside, front and back! Then put it all back.

Dollar store dividers, a cutlery tray or an cupcake tin are easy ways to keep similar items together and quick to view.

Velcro will on the bottom will keep the bins from sliding around.

Now it’s time to dump the GARBAGE in the bin, put your RECYCLING back in it's place, take a walk around to deposit all the items in the PUT AWAY box. Don't forget to add the GIVE AWAY box your car for donation drop off.

How is E.A.S.Y. was that? Another day, another clutter center conquered.

Good Luck Junk Drawer Junkies.

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