31 Day Power Purge - Day Nine

This one is so much fun! I love kitchen gadgets. Three times a year I go away to a retreat. On our way home we always stop at this crazy kitchen gadget store. It delights me to no end. I slowly walk the aisles taking in every crazy concoction crafted to sell that is on the market. I am amazed at what people will create, even more baffled at what they manufacture and flabbergasted at what is purchased!

From the Dipr at $3.00 which is designed to hold your cookies while you dunk them in milk, to a $16 carrot sharpener and even a $10.00 pancake pen? What happened to a dollar store squeeze bottle or rinsing out and reusing a bottle you already have FOR FREE?

I love a good gag gift, and I have often been mesmerized enough by marketing to spend money on the newest and greatest gadget. The fancy schmancy invention that promises to reduce prep time, make me a master baker or a superstar vegetable slicer. What do all those gadgets do? Take my money and steal my storage space!

Here is to the women and men that actually do use these items. I bow down to you. Forget about today’s purge and put all of those thingamajigs to work.

For the rest of us PURGE your useless gadgets, utensils and appliances, PLEASE! I know, “you paid good money for these items”, “maybe one day they will come in handy”, it was “awesome when you used it three years ago”. The place to live is in today. If your kitchen items don't have a purpose, they have a place... in the PURGE PILE.

Don’t use it? Donate it.

Ready to recoup what you spent?

Post a picture on facebook or join a facebook group such as London, Ontario, Buy n Sell.

Kijiji is another great way that you can make money selling items you no longer have a use for. Take some pictures on your phone, post, see what happens!

Our primary purpose this month is to purge. It does not escape me that some people are stuck unless they see the whole plan. Here are some great options to store fantastic finds once your purge is completed.

Hand held, are best kept in a drawer.

Option 1. Try using dividers so that items are E.A.S.Y. to see. Keep like with like.

Option 2. A diagonal divider offers more space for longer items and the smaller doohickey’s can be tucked in the wee corners.

Option 3. No need to divide and conquer. A rubber shelf liner, place matt or any gripped fabric will stop items from shuffling around when open and closing the drawer.

Are the big appliances causing you big headaches?

Nothing a plastic bin won’t solve. Ensuring that all your pieces stay together, that it is E.A.S.Y. to retrieve and put away. A bin is a serious organizing must.

More space or a bigger budget? Small appliances can be hidden behind a flip top, cabinet or double door ensemble. The added beauty? Having outlets in the back.

The must do in every kitchen? The one that has revolutionized my mornings? That is available on any budget and that you probably already have the magic solution for? Put your toaster on a tray! It collects all the crumbs, keeps your counters and cabinets clean and crumb free.

That was worth reading to the bottom for!

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