31 Day Power Purge - Day Eight

The kitchen can cause me stress and it has nothing to do with cooking. It is the amount of stuff. No matter the size of the kitchen or the surplus of storage the amount of STUFF always seems to exceed available space.

Time to downsize.

Do you ever find yourself on hands and knees pulling everything out of the cupboard to reach that one dish, one pot, or one bowl that

was pushed behind those 10 other ones? Not fun. Let's save you from that chaos, climbing and crawling around.

Clear out item of the day is mixing bowls, pots, pans, skillets and casserole style cookware. This is one more purge that will help you feel better every time you look into those cabinets to get ready to cook.

If you are pressed for time, and still want to stay on track, go through just one cupboard. When you find the time, go through the next one. Set a timer, try to take only 15 minutes to complete, have faith in your decision making skills. you know the right answer. Anything broken. chipped, stained etc. = non-negotiable, no need to own it anymore. Out of the tons, literally by weight and amount of items I have let go of, one LBD (little black dress) is the only thing that I sporadically miss.

Mixing Bowls

It might be hard to part with your favourite casserole dish, you have had it for years but that chip on the corner is just one more bake away from it all falling apart. Problem. The solution is to simplify, find one great set of mixing bowls and let go of the rest.

I admire glass bowls yet I find them heavy and slippery. Plastic, although light and very colourful seem to break and crack when under my spell. My choice for mixing bowls are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, this does not react with food or odors. Better yet, the silicone base keeps my bowl on the counter. Love it! Yes, I am a hazard in the kitchen and these bowls make my life E.A.S.Y. and E.A.S.Y. makes me smile.

A good quality set that nests, saves space. If product material isn’t an issue for you perhaps this colourful set that also has measuring cups and spoons is the right one for you. Both of these products can be found in almost any house ware section. Great products are everywhere, you just need to know what works for you.

Pots and Pans

There are always a few with the screws loose or broken handles, maybe today they have reached their expiry date.

How many of the same size pot do you need? The kitchen is such an easy space to collect. Minimizing your items will maximize your efficiency. What do you really want? Stuff or space?

The reality is, once we are down to a reasonable amount of pots, they are quite easy to store. It seems to be the lids that cause a crisis. Here are a few simple solutions to store the lids.

The winning top pot and pan organizer chosen by This Old House for 2014 is this ingenious hide-a-way hang. Check out the lids hanging from the pots as well. That is one well thought out system.

Many homes use the open hanging method, over the range, over an island. Hanging pots and pans is space effective. I always want to take them down and clean them. So this is not a system for me, however if you are a hanger, or ready to embrace the hanging method, this unique DYI project is sensational. Add your own flare, make it fun, and of course keep it functional.

Getting your kitchen organized goes a long way to maximizing its efficiency and helping you Live Life E.A.S.Y..

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