31 Day Power Purge - Day Seven

All right organizers, let’s do this. Lets clear out the cookbooks!

With today’s technology it is easier than ever to find delicious recipes online, through apps or delivered right to your email. Recipes, grocery lists and eating plans are a billion dollar industry but you can get everything you need, on line, for free that takes up none of your home storage space!

Technology intimidates me so I have kept it real simple.

These are my top techno tips.

Pinterest Board/s like mine 'I'd eat that!'. I only have one board but you can have as many as you would like.

Bookmark your favourite blogs, websites and recipes by saving them to your bookmark bar, on pages or in folders.

Did someone share a savoury dishes on facebook? Yes, you can have your own files and storage on this site as well. Don't know how? This 12 sec. video link may help.

Still can’t let go of your favourite books? Incorporate them into your style plan. With the enticing colours and graphic pictures books now have, they are their own piece of art. Besides adding beauty, keeping them visible encourages usage. This may be a bit excessive for most but design your life for who you are and if you are Cookbook Queen, embace it!

Those scraps of papers that are stuffed in cupbards, pinned to boards or lining the drawer? Are you keeping the whole magazine for one recipe? Snatch up all those loose papers, reduce the bulk and rip those pages out of the magazines. Create your own filing system for these papers in a categorized binder, file system or recipe box.

Wherever possible place in plastic pages and when you are ready to cook, pull them out and use a pant hanger to keep the recipe at eye level to make recipe reading easy.

Sentimental recipes or scriptures preventing you from letting go?

Create a Christmas present for your family for next year.

Scan all of the handwritten recipes, perhaps add a few pictures and voila you have a perfect Christmas present that everyone will cherish.

Is it possible you have precious heirloom books that are simply a keepsake? Remember that kitchens are full of humidity and heat and although it appears the proper place to store cookbooks protecting these heirlooms may be safer in a bookshelf outside this space.

What do you think? Are you ready to embrace paper free, technology based cooking ideas? Do you still keep a few of your favourite recipes? Share how do you store your cookbooks?

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