31 Day Power Purge - Day Six

Time to tackle the Tupperware. Do spend time digging through mismatched Tupperware searching for the lid, the bottom, something not stained? Are you ready for a new storage system?

Then this blog is for you!

Pull it all out; empty the cupboard, drawer, shelf or bin you store your Tupperware in. Sit on the floor, the counter, dump it all on the kitchen table, find a space large enough to sort it all out. Get your kids involved, not only is it fun working together it helps with their learning, matching and motor skills.

Make sure there's a lid for every container and a container for every lid. Any strays must depart from the container community and join the recycling bin. Also toss anything with cracks or other damage. Keep only your best containers.

If you have a small collection or a large storage space available I like keeping my lids with the containers.

If storage and space are limited separate the lids from the bottoms and try one of the great ways to keep the lids in easy view. It sounds counter-intuitive, but keeping these separate will save space and help save your sanity.

Nest what you can. If you have sets of the same sized and shaped container, nest those all together. However, you have a hodge podge of random pieces. Sort everything by size and nest smaller pieces inside larger pieces.

If you have just had it… Take the gift cards you just recieved from the holiday season and buy a new set! Invest in one that you can get a good life out of. Anchor is my favourite product line. This glassware comes in all shapes and sizes is dishwasher safe and can be moved from oven to fridge/freezer and microwave in the same container. In fact most times it is also my bowl!

Okay, send me quick snapshot of your progress! Let’s motivate others out there to jump in and join the Power Purge, so everyone can Live Life E.A.S.Y.! Post to my facebook or send me an email!!! Remember... Prizes are on the line!!!

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