31 Day Power Purge - Day Five

FOOD! I love it, I crave it, I cherish it, I devour it, I over consume and indulge in it and that is on any given day. During the holidays, watch out! I am a bottomless pit. It astounds me how I am able to consume in one day what I may typically eat in a week. Which might be ok however I rapidly repeat with encore performances. I also purchase too much food, collect too many munchies and take home too many leftovers. My cabinets are still full, my freezer is bursting and my counter is cluttered.

Trouble is, it's too much food to ever reasonably have in the house and most of it is food that is not part of my 2015 “healthy living, healthy eating plan”. Which hasn’t started because I am too tempted by what I shouldn’t STILL be eating.

Solution! Create care package of goodies to share at the office,

donate to a friend in need,

local food bank or shelter.

This ‘pay it forward’ method will help eliminate all the grub you may want to eat but like me shouldn’t and fast track you to cleaner cupboards quicker. While clearing out the cupboards you may come across you forgot you had, rarely or never cook with or you have an overabundant supply of.

Donate them! Not only is this E.A.S.Y. You will feel good in every way.

If you’re here in the London area: Local Food Bank

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