31 Day Power Purge - Day Three

I confess, winter is not my favourite season. Besides the enjoyable two hour curl up with a book, in front of a fire with a Bailey’s and coffee, I’m done, I’m over it. I delight that thus far we have had very little snow, sorry snow bunnies. I am Bambi on ice, I downhill ski on my back head first, I slip on ice and broke my foot tobogganing. Funnily enough I still live in Canada! I enjoy the fresh falling snow, from inside my window. I look and ponder, but the time it takes to bulk up and go out? Nope, not my season! My main deterrent - the BULK! I am a flip flop, sundress girl... a light sweater maybe but all of these extras...hats, mitts, (I like the scarves) coats and BOOTS! Please! Make it end. My closet can’t handle it all!

I get overwhelmed. How do you store all of this bulk?

Thankfully I have mastered the coats, snow pants, hats, mitts and scarves. I am rather proud of the systems I have put in place. But the boots!

Silently I had trepidations blogging about this. I had dress boots, rubber boots, hiking boots, “winter boots”, slip on boots, fashion boots. Maybe too many boots? Does a girl ever have too many boots?

What do you do with them all? Getting older and wiser is a delight. I recognize that the fashionista in me is dwindling and keeping my feet firmly on the ground is far more logical and comfortable. Out go the fashion heeled boots, in come the multipurpose boots. Ensuring that one good quality pair of boots can be used in a variety of weather situations is worth the price tag. Saving space in the closet is worth the sanity. I thrive on simplicity.

How do you down size your boots? The all important non-negotiable list is a start. Then use the E.A.S.Y. system.

Step 1. Eliminate. How many pairs of boots do you really need? Before you look fall in love with what you have again think about what you essentially need.

Step 2. Throughout my eliminating process I Ask myself “Do I want space and simplicity or STUFF?”

Step 3. I wanted to keep as much as I could so I had to be creative in finding Solutions! Time for a lovely purging break and a few moments...hours on Pinterest. These were my greatest finds.

I was pessimistic about sharing some of these ideas. Who has enough closet space to hang boots? A boot drawer? A boot wall? I obviously have not dreamed big enough!

For those of you who live in my reality and are seeking a more realistic approach to maintaining a clutter-free and clean entryway you can create your own boot wall. A basic, adjustable bookshelf is ideal to store extra boots and shoes. With shelves that you can move to suit the height of your boots you can live like the rich and famous.

For everyday storage bootwear, the boot tray is a solid solution. Credit given the creative divas in the Universe for making this unattractive, boring, black rubber mat stylish, smart and on trend.

Who knew there were so many different colours, textures, options, with lips,/without, with wheels or even artificial grass for boot trays?

By far the most standard style this season is with stones.

I rolled my eyes the first time I saw this. What a silly idea! Who wants to wash all those stones every week? I have it on good advice that a seasonal wash is all that is required. No smell, no slop throughout your entryway just a simple E.A.S.Y. solution to contain the snow, slush and slosh. that is a success!

Want to keep your boots from falling over? You have invested good money on purchasing them so keeping them in top form is an equally good investment. A file folder, pool noodle, newspaper or magazine will easily do the trick.

Overloaded with polish, sprays and protectors for your boots? Yes, that is on our purge list as well today! Ensure that the products you have match the boots that you have kept.

A handy travel size pouch is a perfect way to keep these items contained.

Step 4. YES! You did it! It all works if you keep it E.A.S.Y.

Share your success.

How many pairs of boots and products did you get rid of today?

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