31 Day Power Purge - Day Four

The last of the entryway purge and polish. Yes, perfect is in my vocabulary and it can be in yours as well. This post is exciting as I show you how to add the finishing touches on your entryway, even if you don't have a closet!


Any entryway to a home now has so many multiple functions. It houses far more than simply our seasonal gear. It is home to our sports equipment, dog supplies, tools kits, massive mountains of mail, briefcases, out of season wear, towers of toys, back packs, lunch boxes, notes from school etc.. Is it possible to have so many stations in one small space? Of course it is! Everything is possible. In fact it is E.A.S.Y.. With a bit of creativity and clarity you can create an amazing space without even having a closet!


Welcome to Jenny’s home. Jenny is a friend and client of mine. This was her front hall before we created it into a piece of blissful beauty.

Dull, boring and blah, right? This ironic, if you knew Jenny and the rest of her clan these synonyms would be the exact opposite of their character.  


Your home, especially your front hall should match your family. JAs Oprah once said "your home should stand up to greet you". Jenny and her family are fun, colourful, loud, eccentric, they do not blend in, nor do they want to. They are extremely family oriented and always have an open door policy for family, friends and sometimes strays. When you walk in their front door you walk straight into the heart of their home.

This may explain the piles that started at the END of the wall of shame.

This space made Jenny feel defeated. Until we made it DYNAMIC! Look at these results!


Although these are amazing before and after pictures it is ‘perfecting the polish’ that precedes all else in the end.


The purge came first. We then focused on the stuff we had left to store and how  tosimplify it so it would actually be of use to the family and fulfill all of their needs.

Keeping items low for kids to hang their belongings was a essential. Hanging pictures, sayings and treasures reflects the family values, personalizes the space and makes it unique to this family.

Adding a bench, as we did here, is multipurpose furniture at its finest. A place to put on or take off your shoes or boots, to rest and wait until everyone is actually ready and ultimately a secret space to hide the extras.

Each family has a certain way of operating. Some like to “hide” stuff away in cupboards and drawers. Others, like me are a bit more open to the drop or throw as a featured alternative. Set yourself up for success. Design your home around how you live. Be aware of habits you already have and build from that base. Good luck trying to get 2 little boys and one BIG boy to delicately place personal items in a proper home. Make it E.A.S.Y. as we did here. An open unit at the front door offers everyone their own individual cubby. 

Have fun, express your family, make your home work for you so that you do not need to work for your home. Polish with a purpose. The perfection is in the small details. It is found in a hand that holds your keys or a repurposed  garden frog that grabs the mail. Take the time to discover the details, honour what you love. Display the stones and driftwood from your summer get away, let the fish collect your coins.

Create your home, create your life. Throw away the cookie cutter ideals. This is your home, let is “stand up and greet you’, and others. ‘Perfecting the polish’ is about pulling all of the elements, needs and wants of a space together and putting them into play, It turns a house into a home. Be curious, try out new systems, create new solutions discover what works for you and your family.


Eliminate what you do not need so you may Embrace what you love. 

Ask questions, Access what is left and Accept the situation.

Search for Simple Solutions that express your Style

After all, your home is about YOU. Yes, it is E.A.S.Y.




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