31 Day Power Purge - Day One

New Day, New Year, a new E.A.S.Y. life is on the horizon. How exciting.

The first area to simplify is the entryway. Surprised?

Most people neglect how significant this area is. Whether you use the front door, garage access or have a mud room this is the first place you arrive home to and the last place you leave. Are you tripping over boots and shoes? Looking for lost keys or the matching mitt? This area is quite symbolic to the state the rest of your home is in. Creating an easy flow here will welcome you home, less stressed and allow you to enter the world with confidence and in control. I will share some E.A.S.Y. tips to try as we move through our projects but today is purge day. Letting go of what you no longer need makes life easy. Today's purge. Coats/snow pants/ snow suits etc.

I have a list of what I call my ‘non-negotiable’. It helps me makes decisions quickly and stay within healthy boundaries. These are automatic go items for me.

Now that you have yourself down to a modest and manageable items of clothing the best way to store these items is on wooden hangers. Wooden hangers have the strength and durability to hold the heaviest of winter coats. There are many options with wooden hangers. I have a vintage collection that I love. Find a set that will work best for you and your family.

Using the same set of hangers keeps items linear and is easier on the eye.

These small little tricks make a huge difference. Simple and streamlined is more soothing and sensible than disheveled and disorganized.

There we go, coats and snowsuits purged. Throughout the month i will also share places to take all of these items. Suggestions to donate, how to make money, for the moment enjoy the freedom, have faith and get ready for the simplicity of an E.A.S.Y. life.

Be sure to take pictures or share how many items you were able to let go of. Any fears, any challenges, any questions, please share, you are not alone, it is E.A.S.Y. if we do it together.

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