Christmas Wrapping made E.A.S.Y.

It is Christmas time and I just spent HOURS wrapping presents.

What a task!

As if shopping, budgeting, traffic and others shoppers were not enough to deal with, the cluttered chaos of supplies can steal the Christmas spirit. These simple tips will keep you organized, systemized and full of creative ideas. After all this season should be fun, E.A.S.Y and bursting with jolly joy.


Are your supplies scattered everywhere? Do you find rolls of paper, string, ribbon, name tags, tape and scissors throughout the house? Does it take you a night just to gather your supplies?

For this task I love containers with wheels. It saves back strain from lifting and I have all of my supplies at my destinaon in one trip. Roll it out when needed and then tuck it away in a closet or storage room when not in use. Having everything on hand is a simple solution.

Looking for a smart way to store your wrapping paper? Pinterest was FULL of options, these are only a FEW of my favourites.


I may begrudge getting to this point, but I love wrapping presents. My imagination can run wild and I can personalise each and every gift. These are some quick, inventive and E.A.S.Y. ways to show you wrapped with love and care.


Large rolls of brown paper are very inexpensive and cover every holiday imaginable. With a bit of whimsy these packages are wonderful.


An E.A.S.Y. way to show who the present is to and capture a memory of the last year.

HELPING HANDS add a loving touch and makes the parcel perfect inside and out.

Make the holiday wrapping season E.A.S.Y.

Eliminate the stress by having a storage system for all of your supplies.

Ask, what will make wrapping the present extra special to receive.

Share the work with your little ones, and before you know it,

YES! You are done!

Have a happy, heathly holiday season.

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