Top 3 Christmas Sanity Solutions

Is Christmas making you lose your sanity?

Are you staring at the calendar with mounting panic, counting the days down and adding up what still needs to be done? Are you feeling overwhlemed at how to accomplish it all? This article will help you slide through the holidays, maintain your sanity and shine like the star you are!

Life is fast, it feels like demands are set upon us, especially this time of year to, "KEEP UP, SHOW UP and OUT DO". Don't they know getting up is a challenge every morning? With so much on your plate how exactly are you meant to "keep up, show up and out do"? It's E.A.S.Y., SIMPLIFY. My solution to keeping the sanity, is the three D's, Delegate, Dump and Do.

Delegate what you can to others. I know, we are perfectionists so delegating is hard work, letting go is scary stuff. Understand the clothing will not be folded the way you want, the garbage cans will not go back to their original designated homes and someone else may purchase the wrong butter! REALLY!? Truthfully, how important is it?

Delegating is important because it allows others to know the load you have been carrying. It is important as well for others to feel that they are contributing, that they are needed and are taking part. Let go of the superhero syndrome, it is exhausting and self sabotaging, plus you look riduculous!

Delegating for me can also have a twist. Sometimes I don't want to ask someone else to follow through with a task because what I want to do really is silly or I know is stretching the boundaries of what is necessary. I am embarassed to ask someone else to do it because I know it is not worth the time nor will I benefit from the work put into it. So, if I wouldn't ask someone else to do it WHY AM I DOING IT? This helps me pull the reigns right in.

That leads us into DUMP. Just DUMP what you can, get rid of those ridiculous ideas, those outlandish fantasies, the unattainable goals. You only have 24hours in a day. 8 should be sleeping, 8 working; you still have eating, showering, let alone kids, quiet time, husband time, etc. You don't get any more time than anyone else and if you think ANYONE is making it work without a crew of people supporting them you are wrong! It just looks that way. So DUMP the expectations, DUMP the judgment, DUMP extra activities and especially DUMP the stuff for others.

Finally, our last D, DO. What DO you need to DO? What is really important?

I get it, I have things on my list every day that I think are extremely important, yet somehow do not get done. Beyond my comprehension the world still turns without me being master in command. The world, my family, my job do not need me to wear a superhero cape.

Checking things off my list are not nearly as important as I make them out to be. Baking cookies, purchasing and wrapping awesome presents, showing up at every social function, cleaning like a crazed woman before the guest come so everything looks just so, is NOT important. You want to know what is important? You know what anyone really wants from you? I found the answer in this quote and recently shared it on my facebook page.

You are important! Do what you can to take care of yourself. Self care will lead to sanity, simplicity and a sensational holiday season.

Follow the 3D's, delegate, dump and do, it is E.A.S.Y.

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