Eliminate Morning Mayhem

I can't keep the food from getting on his face, but, with school starting next week I asked moms to share their best tips to eliminate morning mayhem and what they do to make mornings manageable.

The supreme start to a day? Simplify it.

Pick out clothing the night before. This reduces the risk of the early morning scavenger hunt for the missing sock, misplaced hoodies or the crying conversation of having 'nothing to wear'. Be sure to add extra clothing for weather changes. Also layout gym clothing or sporting uniforms that may be worn the next day.

Set the table. This simple step saves time when we are still a bit sluggish and sleepy. As kids are getting ready in the morning they may arrive at the table at different times. Having breakfast items, bowls and utensils on the table already keeps the morning momentum moving.

Pack lunches and place in the fridge. Using leftovers from dinner can save time and make this process even easier. Adding a little note later can keep them smiling and feeling loved all day.

Keep backpacks unzipped as a reminder that more items still need to go in. Backpacks, unzipped beside the fridge are an easy reminder to add lunches.

Once bags are ready for the day, zip them up,

and then hang them by the door to grab and go.

Maintain one central calendar. Keep all family events, commitments and activities in one place, on one calendar so the whole family can see what is going on. A four month view saves time flipping pages.

Filing system just for kids. Papers pile up! Having a designate place is sure to please you first thing in the morning when pizza money is due.

Mornings can be E.A.S.Y. Eliminate the mayhem by completing tasks the night before. Ask who can do what? Find easy solutions, work as a team, share the responsibilities so that nothing is forgotten and everyone gets to participate in the simple systems. Yeah, another morning done, the kids are off, what an achievement.

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