Fine Oiled Machine

When I entered the home office it was clear this space was out of control: laundry was folded on chairs; knapsacks and children’s belongings were scattered about; paperwork was toppling over in piles; plans for the redesign were covered in half-eaten food and coffee stains. Chaos ruled the roost and the place was falling apart at the seams.

After meeting with my client it was clear she was a one-woman dynamo. As the sole provider, she manages her home, her kids, her animals, the lives of everyone around her while working overtime at her fledgling business. The pressure had become too much for one person to bare.

Our first plan of attack: work on a schedule, time management and delegation. As women we can do a lot, but we cannot do it all—no matter how much we think we can.

Enormous changes have happened in this home since my first visit. She has put a schedule in place, and has delegated a rotation of tasks and responsibilities to other family members. Hiring more staff to help with her business has lifted some of the workload off of her shoulders. A sense of normalcy has been restored.

The biggest and most important change: there is time now to relax and truly enjoy her family. Working as a unit to provide an efficient and organized home has a cascading effect. The children’s confidence and responsibility has increased. They are happy to help out, knowing the home has a routine and everything has a place. The relationship and communication between my client and her partner has grown much deeper. Both parties now share the responsibilities and workload of raising and caring for children while running a home and a business.

Now, this family has the energy to spend time together doing what they love while the money pours in. Today they operate as one fine oiled machine.

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