What Lies Beneath

What lies beneath our stuff is often more important than what sits on top. What lies beneath can hold us back and prevent us from flowing forward.

I recently worked with a client who has gone through a divorce. She had already purged his stuff but she still had a nagging feeling that he was “haunting the space.” She wanted to be totally free of him. What we discovered on our journey to ‘cleanse’ her space was surprising! After the divorce, my client replaced his picture in the family photos on display. But, she had never removed his picture from the frame. She had simply put another picture in front of his. Behind every picture on display was a picture of him.

Everything has energy: be it good or bad, its vibration is felt. This is where the ‘haunting’ feeling came from. Things=Vibration. Lots of things=Lots of vibration. Have you ever noticed when you go on vacation, how relaxed you feel? Why? Because you are not surrounded by your things that cause vibrations.

Once we removed the pictures of the ex and updated them with current, happy memories, the energy fields changed.

Fact or fiction? I know it’s a FACT! It isn’t always the most obvious or what’s on the surface that affects us—it’s often what lies beneath.

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