Paper Hoarding Progress

I have worked with one of my clients for many years. We meet periodically to work on her home, her time management issues and her overwhelming paper hoarding habit.

Does she know that information is available on the internet and at the library? Yes, she does! Does she realize that most of her paperwork is out-dated? Yes, she does! Is she is willing to let go of it? Absolutely not!

My job is to work with my clients at their pace. I am their biggest cheerleader: to encourage, to clarify the cause and effects, and to support them through the process. Transformations, though sometimes very slow, eventually happen.

Paper is a tough battle to conquer. It’s tedious and often very time consuming. Dealing with larger items is easier, plus there’s the added bonus of seeing an almost instant result. Sorting through decades of paper can be mind numbing. Unfortunately the result of hours of purging paper work is hardly ever noticed.

My client’s kitchen was home to a ‘paper monster.’ As with many aspects of our lives, we often focus on how much further we need to go instead of seeing how far we’ve come. Celebrate each tiny step forward! What always brings great joy to this client is seeing the progress. Often we sit in the kitchen remembering when it was the ‘office’; every bit of counter space was stacked with papers. Storage units had even been brought in to accommodate the over abundance of saved articles, magazines, newspapers, documents, cards, flyers, notes, to-do lists, etc.

Today we can relax in what is a paper-free kitchen. Paper is now sorted and stored in a filing cabinet. My client and I created boundaries to limit her collections. She understands and respects the systems we have set up. By looking around and observing her environment, she can easily see when her life is starting to spin out-of-control. She now knows the steps to take to put herself, her home and her life back on track.

Piles of paper were holding her back. She has freed herself physically, emotionally and financially. Her time is now filled with what she loves to do instead of being stressed by her paper mess.

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