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Changing lives is what I do. Clients clear clutter and conquer chaos: resulting in a calm environment that is EASY to implement and maintain. My signature system is a simple strategy for creating life lasting transformations.  

Due to privacy and confidentiality we rarely share before and after pictures of our projects. The photos shared have come from the encouragement and support of this client and their family. For personal and professional reasons it is also one of our favourite success stories.

frequently asked questions

Why do people hire a professional organizer?

Our lives become overwhelming and we need help getting back on track. A professional organizer gets your home, office and/or life in shape much like a fitness trainer gets your body in shape. No pain, no gain? Sometimes that’s true.


When do people call an organizer?

Many clients call me when they are in crisis: going through a divorce, facing a career change, suffering from empty-nest syndrome, or a new baby is on the way. I frequently get calls to help clear out a home or space after a death. This seems to be one of the most overwhelming tasks people face. Whatever the reason for the call, I am here to help. Change can often be easier than we think. I even make it fun.


How long does it take?

My process with each client is designed to fit their needs. Together we work at a pace and schedule that is set by the client. Everything depends on what they want to accomplish and how quickly they are ready to accept change. I do encourage and sometimes push but no more than I know the client is prepared to handle.


How did you get involved in professional organizing?

It found me. The short story is that after travelling extensively and then working abroad for a year I returned home to Canada. I found the material things from my childhood no longer reflected who I had become. I grew up while I was away and I needed to reinvent myself, my life and particularly my space.

Once my space was cleared of my old stuff, I began helping friends and family clear out their spaces. Before long I was getting calls from strangers asking how much I charged. Hence a business was born.


How do I know which organizer to pick?

First choice is word of mouth. Find an organizer and give them a call. Prepare some questions to ask. You will know within five minutes if you will work well together. I pass clients on to another organizer when I feel they are better suited to each other. My goal is for you to succeed: with me or with someone else.

services offered



Clear My Clutter - One Day Special
Sorting through your stuff alone is not easy. It can be emotional, tedious and frustrating. 
Our team brings the support, skills and magic that will see your project through to completion. READ MORE

6 hour session, 1 hr break, additional associate included          

        $550.00           ($250 deposit to book date, $300 upon completion)  BOOK NOW

do it yourself

Eliminate the Overwhelm - Let's Talk!
Unclear on where to start or how to make decisions? Need clarity on the best way to achieve results, the steps to take and how to do it right? Your intensive on-site consultation focuses on answers, ideas and solutions. READ MORE

        $125.00/1.5hrs, $50.00 each hr thereafter  BOOK NOW

do it together

30 hours in 30 days

A whole house? Prepping for a moving? Need help throughout the year? 30 hours in 30 days is your answer. Divide the hours into several sessions to best suit your schedule. READ MORE

min of 4 hours per session, additional associate included      

        $3,000.00        ($1,500 deposit for dates, $1,500 upon completion)  BOOK NOW

half day

Do you have an out-of-control space? You will be surprised with the transformations that can happen in a half day. Together we create specific solutions and systems tailored for your family. It can be an EASY life for everyone. READ MORE

4 hour session, additional associate included                          

         $450.00          ($200.00 deposit to book date, $250 upon completion)  BOOK NOW

full day

Overwhelmed by your kitchen, garage, basement or a multiple of spaces in your home? This full day session will give us the time needed to de-clutter, organize and set up systems for your space to keep it running smoothly. READ MORE

7 hour session +1 hr break, additional associate included          

        $800.00           ($400 deposit to book date, $400 upon completion)  BOOK NOW

done for you

YES! We can do it ALL for you. Life is busy, we know that! Staying on top of it all is exhausting! That is why you need us. Whether you are at work, play or travelling, we will complete your projects. READ MORE or BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment.



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