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Knowing whom to notify and when is an overwhelming and daunting task when moving. It takes the average Canadian over eight (8) hours to connect with, notify, transfer, cancel or install services associated with a pending move and those are the ones you remember. Over the years of helping people move I have recognized address changes to be one of the most frustrating steps to accomplish; as a result moveeasy has researched, collected and  simplified this process to save you time, energy and sanity. It will also ensure that no one is forgotten to be notified of your upcoming move.

Provided is a list of organizations, websites, contact information, when to notify, information you are required to have on hand when notifying as well as other helpful notes or hints. Additional documents are attached and links to outside sites are set up for your convenience.

WHO TO NOTIFY checklist?

medical   schools   financial institutions  subscriptions   family and friends

When to notify        1 month-5 days before move

Information to have on hand

                               full name
                               old/new address
                               government issued photo ID
                               credit card (online payment)

Online                    Mail Forwarding

In person               Prefill Mail Forwarding form and take to your local Post Office.

Additional Information

You may change the address of up to 4 individuals at the same address.

Cost within province         $82.95 for 12 months         $52.95 for 4 months



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Federal Government


Each government service agency requires independent notification based on their specific needs of your personal information. The  Privacy Act restricts information be shared between departments and agencies. Failure to notify may revoke privileges, benefits or coverage from related government agencies.

When to notify        up to 2 months in advance

Information to have on hand

                              full name

                              old/new address

                              effective move date

                              date of birth

                              social insurance number

                              details from your account

                              (recent return, notice of assessment, reassessment, other tax document)

Online                    My Account             MyCRA mobile application

                              Log in                       Register                (watch video)

This service is unavailable from 3:00am-6:00am due to daily maintenance.

Call                        1-800-959-8281        Mon-Fri     9:00am-9:00pm     Sat     9:00am-5:00pm

Mail or Fax            Send one of these to your tax center:

                              a completed Form RC325, Address change request 

                              a signed letter that includes

                              (your social insurance number, new address, and moving date)

Mail                        Post Office Box 20000

                              Station A  Sudbury ON  P3A 5C1

Fax                         1-705-671-3994 and 1-855-276-1529

Additional Information

You can change someone else’s address at the same time as yours, such as your spouse’s or common-law partner’s. If this is the case, your letter must include their name, social insurance number, and signature.

Why is it important?

Ensure that you keep receiving benefit payments to which you may be entitled such as the: 

GST/HST credit payments (including any related provincial credits), universal child care benefit, Canada child tax benefit payments (including related provincial or territorial payments), working income tax benefit (WITB) advance payments and important correspondence from the CRA such as your notice of assessment.