Betsi came into Back 'n Motion to help me with my storage issue. She was there less than one hour and left me with a plan that not only organized all our products but left me with some empty shelves. The change was remarkable. She has an eye for detail, a great communication style and an ability to see beyond the clutter.

Thank you Betsi!


Thank you so much, those ideas you put together from our organizing morning are awesome! You gave a clear outline of everything we talked about, it makes it very easy to go through each and do the steps.


To say working with Betsi was life changing is an understatement. You really can’t put a price on functionality and inner peace. Now we live in a much more organized manner and have been able to keep up with the new design as everything has a home and a place to go!

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I hired Betsi to assist me with the organization of my office and work space. The process was so beneficial that I then hired her to help with organizing our home. The lessons learned from working with Betsi have stuck with me for many years and have increased my efficiency at work and my quality of life at home.


Betsi has been my Personal Organizer for a number of years. If you even suspect you may have ADD or ADHD, Betsi is a dream come true! My main challenge was paperwork, and we have together worked through mountains of paper, downsized bookshelves, made rooms more serene and organized, set "boundaries" for accumulating stuff, and along the way, I have learned many of the techniques of organizing, focusing, and reasons "why" I have these challenges, so it is possible to apply them in other locations where I don't have Betsi in person. Betsi has also helped me find appropriate ways of disposing of surplus things through charities, social networks, etc. She is very Community-oriented, and I recommend her wholeheartedly.


We are a senior couple who have been giving thought to a time when we might have to leave our home of many years and relocate. Betsi’s services on this project have been invaluable. With commitment, honour and hard work, she has made a difficult, complex task doable. She motivates, encourages and advises and provides just the results you had hoped for.
We recommend Betsi and her company with great enthusiasm.


Bea and Gavin

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