An onsite consultation will answer all of your questions. 

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​Unclear on where to start or how to make decisions?
Wondering what to keep, how to set it up and livelifeEASY!
We are ready for YOU!
Imagine getting those nagging projects around the house DONE...
Your days of
overstuffed garages
overwhelming basements and 
overcrowded living spaces
ARE OVER when you BOOK a consultation with Betsi! 
You will be shocked at what we can accomplish together. Sorting through your stuff alone is not easy.
It can be emotional, tedious and frustrating. That is why you need us.
This onsite consultation will answer ALL of your questions.
Together we identity the cause of the chaos, create a 'how to' action plan,
you then follow through at your time and pace.
Together we create a step by step plan and share tips and tricks.
BOOK NOW it is time to livelifeEASY!
      This eliminate overwhelm consultation includes:
         assessment (find what is working and what is not and why)
         identification of your family’s sorting style (to create the most effective solutions)                                        management of the process (quick execution and fast results)
         ideas to create systems that work  and last (specific to your family)
         action plan to sort in the most effective way (future EASY maintenance)
         continuous check-ins with us, phone call, text or email is always FREE!
We always want our clients to succeed and love being part of the journey.
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